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What happens when I set a goal for one of my packs?

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2016 06:16PM CET
First, when you set at least one goal for one of your packs, Semper will give you an estimate for how likely it is that will reach it.
Second, and maybe more importantly, Semper will change the rate with which items from each of your sections are selected. Keep in mind, though:
  1. Semper will always try to make you reach all your goals. For example, if you have an English and a Spanish test next week and there simply is not enough time to learn everything for both of them, Semper will not decide to “sacrifice” one of the goal to make you reach the other one. If you want to make such a decision, you have to make it yourself.
  2. Semper will respect your sections and the order of packs within your sections. For example, if you have a Spanish section with several packs in it and you set a goal for the second one, Semper will still make you memorize the items in the first pack before and calculate the necessary learning speed accordingly.
  3. Pack without a goal are not deactivated. Semper assumes medium-to-low urgency for packs without a goal. If the goals you set are very far away, this may even mean, that you will get the items from the packs with goals less frequently than items from packs without goals. If you want memorize items from the packs with goals only, please deactivate the other packs.

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