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Is Semper the same as UnlockYourBrain?

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 11:58AM CET

You are reading this, so you must have heard of UnlockYourBrain somewhere. Yes, the product that you know as Semper today was known as UnlockYourBrain before. 

What UnlockYourBrain meant for us

UnlockYourBrain had the one core component of unlocking your phone with a math equation, so to train your brain. We were a braintraining app.

What was the problem?

We outgrew the name in many ways: We are a memorizing app, not a brain training one. We are a learning moments app, not an unlocking one. We needed a new name.

Why Semper?

Semper is Latin and means always and for ever. We chose the name, because you always learn with the app (you don't cram), you remember what you learn for ever. This is how we make learning easier and take care of memorizing. This is why we are proud to be Semper.

P.S.: Further, as an internal joke, we all work on Semper quite a bit, so we work semper on Semper ;)

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