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What are wrong options, how do they work, and how do I edit them?

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2015 04:35PM CEST
The wrong options are what you see, when you solve a puzzle.

For example, when you learn Spanish, 
the word for "the moon" is "la luna". To help you learn this, Semper shows you one correct option and a number of wrong options.

A typical puzzle would be
the moon

la luna
el sol
la tierra

When you create your own learning material, we the creator adds wrong options automatically from the other correct options of your pack. If you were to create your own Spanish pack, maybe with the five words

the moon - la luna
the sun - el sol
to fly - volar
to jump - saltar
to dream - soñar

the wrong options for this would be, when automatically generated
the moon

la luna

el sol

You may think, that el sol may be a decent option, but volar, saltar, and soñar seem foolish. 

Which options do you think would work well?

Option 1: Words from the same word group - EXCELLENT

Like for example nouns that have to do with planets. These are excellent, because they help you learn the words in the vicinity. When you create them, a dictionary will help you. This is the best way for you to learn the word, and for others, too!

la tierra
el dia
el planeta
la noche
el amanecer
el eclipse

Option 2: Words which seem similar - OK
Like for example nouns that start with l or lu. These are not bad, because they help you learn other words. The downside here is, that you will not learn them, and maybe even confuse them.

el lobo
en Luso
la lux
el lumen


Option 3: Words that stem from the wrong option - OK
Like for example the plural form of the word, or other derivates. These are "OK", because they help you think further into the word, but they may also get stuck in your head as right. Be cautious.

las lunares
las lunas
el lunático
la lunación

Option 4: Words that are typos of the original word - DON'T!!!
Adding a typo here and there - bad idea! Semper is the best way to memorize something, even if it is a typo. A typo as a wrong option is like a tattoo on your thumb: you will never get right of it and it will always leave you unsure about why the hell you did this. 

lah luna
la lunah
el luna
el luhna
el luma

What is some best practice advise?

1. Deleting is easier then creating
When you have just created a new pack, the pool of wrong options is usually only 50 items. Go through the list and delete those, that you think are useless

2. Get inspiration from outside sources
The internet is a great tool for wordlists and translation services, but also a dictionary may be helpful. Look up words you find interesting.

3. Get inspiration from your own sources
The average user has about 12 packs created. Take the correct options of your other packs and mix them together over and over.

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